Friday, June 1, 2012

It has been a while...

Hey guys,
I'm now Secondary 2.I had just uploaded a new Mountain Biking Freeride called Time to make a Move.
Do watch it in my channel.I had also came back from Sarawak,Kucing.It was a great experience!I had gotten to know about my friends more during activities.I apologised to any of my friends if I had "terkasar bahasa" or said something that is harsh.
Piano covers coming soon.Visit my other blogs!Thank you. ;)
May peace be upon you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secondary Life

I am in West Spring Secondary School!My cca is FMU(Film and Media Unit),basically, Photography and Videography.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Canon Competiton

I'm submitting my photos in the Canon Eos Academy School Challenge!Hope people would vote for me!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Resume on Photography


  • Strong knowledge in digital photography.

  • Proficient in manupulating and enhancing pictures using open source GIMP(Graphic Image Manupulation Program) and Adobe Photoshop.

  • Strong knowledge on how to create and produce videos and montages using Creative MUVEE, Arcsoft Video Impression, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker and OpenSource Imagination.

  • Upload pictures on the Internet using Picasa Photostream, Flickr and on personal blogsite

  • Able to document and have written tutorials on digital pictures manipulation using Gimp at own blogsite

  • Proficient in mp3 songs and sounds editing using OpenSource Audacity.

  • Able to remove vocals from songs using Audacity (a.k.a minus one track or karaoke)

  • Able to instruct and provide mentorship to budding learners on digital photography and digital image manipulation.

  • Skill in archiving photos on a computer into DVDs and CDs using NERO software.

  • Proficient in making collages using Collage Maker.

GIMP Tutorial Lesson 2-Colourify Picture

Hello! This is another basic tutorial for you to follow easily .I'm going to teach you how to colourify any picture.It's simple.
  1. Firstly open up a picture.
  2. Increase the Contrast if you think the picture needs to,stand out.
  3. To increase the contrast,click the Colours tab,and click Brightness and Contrast.
  4. Just increase the level of contrast a little so as to be perfect.
  5. Next,after clicking OK,again,click the Colours tab.Click Colorify.
  6. By default,the preview image inside that small box will be in black and white or in other words,Grayscale.
  7. So,the default custom colour will be white.
  8. Below the white box,there will be a few boxes of colours for you to choose.
  9. Click them one by one,and see your picture in the preview box.
  10. Let's say you don't like the colour given to you,click the box beside the word "Custom Colour".
  11. After you've clicked that,a new window will pop-up.
  12. Now,choose the colour you like.
  13. After clicking OK,there you go,your picture.
  14. Just want to add something,if you want the your picture to be Grayscaled, you can easily go to the Image tab,and click Mode.
  15. Then,choose Grayscale.
  16. You can either do by this way or the first one
That's about it.Any problem,just leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GIMP Tutorial-1st Lesson LOMO Pt.2

Helo,welcome to another tutorial of GIMP,Graphic Image Manupulation Program!Today, I'm going to teach you about how to LOMO a picture which I've taught you last lesson. Now,the second part of LOMO Lesson. I'll continue from the end of the 1st Lesson Pt. 1.

Just follow these steps carefully.
  1. Open an image maybe from the last LOMO image.Create a new layer by clicking the icon at bottom left of the "Layers,Channel.."window. If this window does'nt apear when you first open the image,click the WINDOW tab.Click "Recently Closed Docks",and simply just click the "Layers,.." tab.
  2. Now,after creating a new layer,a window will pop up.At the Layer Fill Type,choose white.
  3. Next,click the New Layer layer at the "Layers,Channel,Paths.."window .After you have selected it,at the top of the window there's a MODE which when you click the arrow,a scroll will apear.
  4. By default,the Mode will be Normal.I want you to choose Multiple as the Mode.
  5. Now, the white layer will be gone,but it's still there.Next,look at your Toolbox window.Find a Blend Tool.Icon is Black and White.
  6. After selecting,drag your mouse cursor across the picture.Observe the changes.Not only the picture,but as welll as the New Layer at the right Window.
  7. Clicking the eye you see will let you see what you want so play around with them.
  8. Actually,you can play around with the Shape,below the word Blend at the Toolbox.
  9. Play around with them until satisfied.

Hope you can understand what I had wrote to you.Please Comment if facing difficulty.See you on Lesson 2 on How to Colourify the Picture and Some other easy things that you can easily pick up.Thanks.

GIMP Tutorial-1st Lesson LOMO Effect Pt.1

I'm going to teach you how to create a LOMO to an image.Basically,LOMO is just simply enhancing the picture into a bit yellowish and blue.Follow these easy steps.Any feedbacks just leave a comment or any request,just leave a comment.

  1. Open up a picture.
  2. Always in every picture,the basic stuff to do first is increase the Contrast of the picture.
  3. Click the colour tab at the top,where you can find Brightness-Contrast.Increase it a little for your liking.Make sure its not that so high or it would not turn out so good.
  4. Next,Click OK.
  5. Now,click the colour tab.Click Curves.
  6. Don't do anything yet.Click the Channel tab.3 things will scroll down.
  7. First,click Red Channel.Now make an 'S' shape on the line but slightly sluntedto the right.
  8. Secondly,click the Channel tab,click Green Channel.Make an 'S' shape too like the Red Channel.
  9. Next,click the Channel tab again,click Blue Channel.Now,you are going to make a reverse 'S' shape.Meaning,just the other way round like you flip the 'S' to the right or left,as long as it is the other way round,not Upside Down.
  10. Then, observe the picture.Should be yellowish blue.
  11. Actually,you can just adjust the curves as you one,it is just that I'm showing how to create a LOMO using the Curves,the 'S' and reverse 'S' shape.
  12. If there's any problem,just leave me a comment,and I'll try to let you know what went wrong.

I hope you can follow the steps easily. Always do this to any picure if appropiate.

At Part 2,I'll teach you the continuation of LOMO,using the gradient effect.